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CellTraderOnline Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to CellTraderOnline. To assist you in getting the most out of our Forum, we have answered some of the questions posed to us by newer members in an effort to help you understand why restrictions are in place, and why our Forum is a little different to other trading Forums. Please take a moment to read this completely before posting, as it will mean less delays between getting your posts up and having them go public initially. It's also a good resource to point others towards, or just refer to as needed.

Q. I'm a new member to CTO. I can only post my stuff to the Junior Market and can't send another member a Private Message (PM). What am I doing wrong?
A. Here at CellTraderOnline, we restrict your account until you attain one (1) positive feedback. You are allowed one (1) sale or trade thread until your first transaction is complete. Your threads will be hand-moved (manually) by staff to the relevant regular Market until you obtain your first positive feedback (you'll need to post them in the Junior MP forums). You also cannot send (but can receive) Private Messages for your first transaction. Upon successful completion (remember to get your other party to vouch for you in the Recognition sticky!), a staff member will happily promote you to full Member status, with no such restrictions and as many thread as you wish. Of course in the meantime, you are free to introduce yourself and hang out in other parts of the Forum. We are very proud of our community here at CTO and, while the restrictions may seem excessive, they are very effective at 1) keeping illegitimate listings out of the MP (and thus saving you or someone else time, hassle and money) and 2) weeding out the 'bad eggs'. If you can't be bothered abiding by the rules and jumping through a few simple hoops to become a part of CTO, then you're probably the type of person we're aiming to keep out.

Q. Okay, I've got my first feedback. Still nothing!
A. Send a quick message to your trade partner (post in one of their threads to remind them if necessary), and ask them to post in the Recognition Sticky in Suggestions and Remarks. While we keep on top of transactions as much as possible, occasionally we're all away from the Forum at once. Promoting you is a quick and easy process, so a quick message is the easiest way to go if you've been waiting for a while.

Q. How does your user structure work?
A. Once you first register, you are a Junior Member, and your listings are subject to hand-moderation by Staff. After the system recognises you have one (1) positive feedback, and a vouch from your other party, we will promote you (manually) to Member. You will remain a Member until you reach one hundred (100) posts, when you will be promoted to Senior member (no feedback restrictions on this promotion - it is automatic). Once you are a Member, your hand-moderation restrictions are lifted.

Q. What are the benefits as I progress?
A. As you progress through the user tier system, you will gain increased forum capabilities (after promotion to member, all restrictions are removed). As you progress higher, your Private Message (PM) allocation will increase, to a maximum of two hundred (200) for a Senior Member. You will also gain increased profile customisation abilities, and increases in local image hosting (although we do recommend against this, as hosting your listing images externally allows for bigger and more detailed shots - a cornerstone of any good MP listing).

Q. I've noticed other titles, too. What are those about?
A. The main separate title you may see is 'Donator'. These are members who've contributed monetarily towards keeping the site alive. As a token of our appreciation, Donators get a few extra perks such as more PMs, a bigger avatar - and a custom title of course. You will also see Moderators and Administrators around the Forums. Moderators are responsible for keeping the peace around CTO, and should be your first port-of-call if you have an issue or question. Administrators also keep order around the forums, but look after the site as a whole additionally. CellTraderOnline has a small, friendly, close-knit staff who work closely together. Feel free to approach any staff member for assistance or support.
Note that a donation from you does NOT circumvent the initial restrictions. Junior Members who donate will NOT be immediately promoted to Donator until one (1) positive feedback is obtained.

Q. Anything special I need to list my phone, tablet or laptop here?
A. Yes, absolutely. When listing a device or accessory for sale - or offering a device or accessory for trade - you are required to provide enough information for your other party to make an informed choice. A picture showing your CTO username beside the device (on a dated piece of paper), or logged in on the device (no screenshots, the device must be visible) is required. Also required is a thread prefix from our Mandatory Thread Rating System. This gives potential traders an 'at-a-glance' rating for your product, and whether you are interested in trades, sales, or both. Additional information is available in the [b]Site News and Announcements[/b] forum, and a recommended template for threads is available as a sticky in all For Sale Forums.

Q. What should I be wary of as a new member, any tips on staying safe?
A. First of all, don't 'gift' payments unless you are 100% confident in the other party. We allow gift payments to enable our more trusted sellers to offer you a lower price, but you should never feel pressured into offering a gifted payment - and you must always offer an inclusive (goods) price alongside if you do choose to offer a gift price. Any good seller possesses enough maths skills to adjust their price to incorporate fees. If they're only accepting gifted payments, that should be a red flag to anyone. Be wary of any seller asking you to deal via Private Message or e-mail (out of public scrutiny). If you aren't documenting your deals, you forfeit any assistance and exposure CellTraderOnline may be able to offer. Additionally, it's the most common factor in being taken advantage of, so just don't do it! Think twice about using largely unproven or less restrictive payment methods such as Amazon Payments or Western Union. While PayPal does add significantly to an end-price, it is worth it for the peace-of-mind that in the event things go bad, you do have some recourse to getting your money back. Be thorough when asking your questions. Leave nothing to chance, and if something isn't advertised and you think it should be there, leave nothing to interpretation. Our sellers are merchants just like everyone else - you are paying, you are entitled to ask questions. Do so! Our takeaway point? As seasoned traders ourselves, the staff will do whatever we can to make CTO a safe place for you, but we cannot protect you from lack of common sense. It's your time, your money and your kit - do everything you can to keep it that way!

Q. What can I do if someone is hassling me around the Forum, or is 'crapping' on my threads?
A. If you're getting harassed around the Forum, you need to talk to a staff member. If it's public harassment in a thread, a public disagreement over your listed price etc., you can use the 'report' function to report the post. This sends an e-mail to all staff immediately. If you are being harassed privately, or solicited with offers you think are inappropriate, you may report your PMs, or forward them onto a Moderator or Administrator.

Q. What if I see something I think is amiss on the Forum?
A. Feel free to report anything you think is amiss or questionable in nature around the Forums. All reports are treated as serious. You may be approached by staff for further information regarding anything you report.

Q. Any other advice for a new user?
A. Yes. We are all eager to meet you and see you grow into a big part of our community. However, taking the time to read the Administrative Announcements in the Site News and Announcements Forum will see your introduction to CTO become much easier, and in turn see you welcomed with open arms by the memberbase. The number one cause of problems on Forums today is that users rarely take the time to read the information provided to make life easy (and on a trading forum, to keep you and your money/devices safer). We highly suggest you spend the thirty minutes or so needed to brush up on what's expected. This will also mean that staff are on your back less. Additionally, keep yourself safe, at all times.

Again, welcome to our Community. We look forward to having you become a part of it. We also welcome any feedback you may have, so please feel free to create a thread in the Suggestions and Remarks forum, or send a PM to any of our friendly staff.


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