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Thread: [Rules] CellTraderOnline Rules and Useful Information for Members

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    Lightbulb [Rules] CellTraderOnline Rules and Useful Information for Members

    CellTraderOnline was created for the benefit of the members. The goal is to provide a positive community for individuals to share a common interest in mobile gadgets - and buy, sell or trade their devices. The rules below are enforced to maintain a safe, respectful and pleasant forum we can all enjoy.

    All users are expected to abide by these rules as a condition of membership. Violation of any rule may result in warning, suspension or permanent termination of membership at the discretion of the staff:

    1. Users are NOT permitted to register more than one (1) user ID. Registration of multiple user IDs will result in disciplinary action.

    2. Decorum and civil communication are expected from all members at all times. No profanity, racist or otherwise derogatory comments will be tolerated.

    3. External sales links (eBay, Swappa, Craigslist etc.) for spam, business or personal advertising purposes are not allowed. Posting external links in 'Hot Deals' is acceptable, provided they are not your personal listings.

    4. The sale or offer of any weapon, drug, chemical (including alcohol), paintball equipment and/or other controlled substance or item is not allowed. In addition, discussion of drugs, weapons, and firearms is not permitted.

    5. Do not list devices with bad ESN numbers, stolen devices or devices with blacklisted IMEI numbers. Carrier upgrades, en-route orders and other non-physical items are not permitted to be sold or traded on CellTraderOnline.

    6. You must possess the device you are offering in the CTO Market Place. Proof of Ownership (PoO), a picture validating ownership (with your CTO username clearly visible), is required in the Original Post (OP) for all threads started in Sale or Trade forums, immediately. You must also provide PoO when offering your device in a trade.

    7. Committing fraud or other unscrupulous actions against any member is grounds for immediate permanent termination of membership.

    8. Once an agreement has been reached it must be kept public on the original thread in the interest of full disclosure. We recommend using your existing sale/trade threads as opposed to creating new threads.

    9. Please ensure that you only bump your thread(s) ONCE per calendar day.

    10. CellTraderOnline does not permit the sale of multiple devices per thread. A single thread is required for each device you wish to offer. Please note that separate Proof-of-Ownership must be provided for all devices listed.

    11. All users must refrain from posting copyrighted material or works on the Forums, which may open up the possibility of legal ramifications.

    12. Please note all posts and threads at CellTraderOnline are subject to staff approval and may be cleaned, closed or deleted - without warning - at staff discretion.

    13. While CellTraderOnline does not prohibit the sale or purchase of multiple items, CTO does not endorse or support any buyers or sellers in any way. You are responsible for your own transactions and the staff will not be held liable for any deals.

    14. Any Sale or Trade offer or listing posted to CellTraderOnline MUST contain a prefix including a rating from the Mandatory Rating System. Threads displaying an incorrect rating, or not displaying a rating, will be closed or edited to correctness at staff discretion.

    15. The Chatbox must not be used to advertise, offer or negotiate on any devices or accessories.

    16. A template has been provided as a sticky in all Marketplace forums. We highly recommend use of the following format to reduce uncertainty from interested parties. If you choose not to use the template, your listing must still display ALL the information below. Any listings not displaying all required information may be closed at staff discretion, until edited to correctness:

    Item: Device name. Include any accessories you wish to highlight.
    Carrier: Indicate the carrier of the handset or device. If unlocked, indicate original carrier here, and 'unlocked' below.
    Unlocked: Indicate whether the device is network-locked or not.
    Price: A price must be included in all listings, including 'feelers'. This includes trade-only threads, so other may gauge value.
    Condition: Elaborate on condition here, avoiding an 'out-of-ten' rating if you can.
    Items Included: Indicate all items included in the sales package here. Be thorough.

    Location: Where you're going to ship the item/s from.
    Accepted Payment Methods: Indicate all accepted payment methods here. Differentiate between PayPal 'goods' and 'gift' if you wish to offer both. Do not use 'gift' as your sole payment method.
    Available Shipping (Domestic/International): Indicate to where you will ship. Also indicate if shipping is included in your sale price, or not.

    Other item details here. Be specific and include as much detail as you can (especially about damage), to prevent miscommunications and reduce the risk of 'buyers remorse'.

    Picture displaying username (on piece of paper beside device or logged into forum on device screen) here. PoO pictures MUST be hosted on the forum to prevent viewing permission issues.

    Upload pictures here, or hotlinks to your hosting service.
    17. We recommend against the use of Payment Methods other than PayPal such as Amazon Payments, Western Union, MoneyGram or Google Checkout. Gifted PayPal payments are allowed, however you must offer a 'goods' price in addition to a 'gift' price if you wish to offer a gifted service. Please also note that use of gifted payments completely forfeits any assistance, protection and exposure that CellTraderOnline and/or PayPal may be able to provide, and that consistent receipt of gifted payments may provoke PayPal into placing more stringent limits on your account.

    18. You may NOT list a trade device or accessory in any Want To Buy section. Items offered for trade MUST be accompanied by the correct PoO and listing details. Non-complying threads may be moved or closed at staff discretion.

    By Buying, Selling or Trading on this site, you agree to these terms completely, and agree that CellTraderOnline takes no responsibility for any transaction which takes place, and may not be held liable for any recompense, loss of goods or funds resulting from any transaction.

    Below is some useful information about CellTraderOnline:

    - Junior Members are limited to a single sale or trade thread until their first positive feedback is obtained. Junior Members will also have all threads in the Marketplace forums hand-moderated by staff until their first positive feedback is recorded.
    - There are no limits to the number of devices you may list at any time on CellTraderOnline.
    - CellTraderOnline offers the opportunity to list laptops and iPods, as well as phones and tablets.
    - You are welcome to use the Freebies section to give away your unwanted devices or accessories at any time.
    - You may discuss (or offer suggestions for) improvements with staff at any time in the Suggestions and Remarks forum.
    - Please feel free to add to a thread in the Say Hello section upon joining, and share a little bit of background information about yourself, your favourite devices etc.
    - Important information will be broadcast as Announcements in the News and Announcements forum. Be sure to check these often for updates.

    CellTraderOnline is a great place to acquire your next device. There are many great sellers on the site, but we suggest all members utilize caution when transacting business on the Internet. Here are a few suggestions to help you successfully complete a purchase, sale or trade:

    - If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.
    - Keep discussion of transaction public. Doing business solely through PM or email is not recommended. Should something go wrong with a non-public transaction, a resolution will be much harder to find. In addition, threads highlighting issues with transactions not publicly documented will be deleted immediately, as neither party has taken correct precautions to protect themselves.
    - Check feedback and previous post history, and ensure your other party is trustworthy, respectful and diligent with selling or trading.
    - Meet in person if possible, preferably in a public location.
    - Always use a secure payment method. The use of personal (gifted) payments is highly discouraged, as you forfeit all protection by doing so, and a personal payment may be abused by any person at any time.
    - Always ship with insurance and tracking or delivery/signature confirmation. Not only does this ensure you are able to ensure your package arrived, but it also provides compensation should something go wrong outside your control while in transit. As an added benefit, tracking numbers and receipted deliveries provide a higher chance of ‘slippery fingers’ in packing facilities and post offices not interfering with your package.
    - If shipping Internationally, you should always use the above services, regardless of cost. If your buyer requests economy shipping, ensure they are aware that you take no responsibility for any shipping mishaps or delays, after the device leaves your hands.
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    Default Revision 11/6/2014

    Please note an update to Rule 4:

    4. The sale or offer of any weapon, drug, chemical (including alcohol), paintball equipment and/or other controlled substance or item is not allowed. In addition, discussion of drugs, weapons, and firearms is not permitted.

    This results from a previous discussion centered around firearms, which can put the Forum into a position of liability and as such, is something we would like to avoid. There are plenty of excellent resources for these items around the Internet, including other Forums.

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