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Thread: Nexus 10 16GB PRICE DROP!!! $290OBO

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    Default Nexus 10 16GB PRICE DROP!!! $290OBO

    Item: 16GB Google Nexus 10 with a Poetic case with magnets and 3 unused screen protectors.
    Price: $290 gift or $305 goods
    Condition: Great condition. No dents dings or scratches that I can see. Please see Notes for info on one minor flaw
    Items Included: Box and all original accessories. Poetic Leather trifold case with magnets to turn screen on and off when opened and close. 3 unused screen protectors.

    Location: 45505
    Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal gift or goods. I have sole discretion on who I'll take gifted payments from
    Available Shipping (Domestic/International): Domestic only on this one please!

    It has one flaw and it's not a scratch or ding. It's a build quality issue. The back "creaks". I guess that's what you would call it. I believe it's a glue issue between the hardware and the plastic back on the inside. I have the case on it, and it doesn't happen with the case on. Only if you use it bare. It does not affect the tablet in any way, except a minor annoyance when you first pick it up. Screen is mint, no scratches. Body has no scratches scuffs or dings.

    I have a Poetic leather flip style case with magnets. I also have 3 unused screen protectors. All original box, manuals, charging brick and cable are included.

    This is a great tablet. Fast and stock Android. It's also a Google device, so it's easy to unlock the bootloader and load a custom recovery and flash Roms. I just prefer the Nexus 7 to this, so it has to go.

    Best offer takes it. Thanks!!!


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    Somebody take this off my hands! I can let it go fairly cheap. Make an offer.

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    Sold on Swappa. Thread can be deleted mods. Thanks!

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    Damnit! Why didn't I see this earlier?! Closed

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